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Club Owner Demographic

Since the launch of Fractional Ownership, we have been thrilled to welcome many Owners from all parts of the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Brazil and Australia.


Club Owners are invariably discerning educated professionals/families who were frequent visitors to Tuscany prior to investing. Their ages vary significantly between 40 to 75.


We have noticed that historically a certain number of Owners vacation at specific times of year i.e. school holidays, whereas other Owners have vacationed on a more random basis. This translates to the Club essentially having a steady and balanced occupancy during the Club Year.

Authentic Tuscan Living

Owners often comment how much they enjoy chatting to the team and trying their Italian vocabulary and phrases, before putting them into practice at the local stores and farmers markets, or ordering a cappuccino or un bicchiere di vino at one of their favorite cafes or wine bars.


Another favorite activity of our Owners is attending the traditional local sagras (festas) in the area, often together with some of the team.

Owner’s Quotes

“…breath. Breath again, deeply this time. Then you’ll begin to hear it, the symphony of sounds. Though they may begin faintly, if you invite them, they will begin to wash over you …the wind in the leaves, the birds, the sounds of people speaking Italian… all served on silent backdrop. You may begin to notice the smells; the vegetation, the damp comforting aroma of the earth, the brief wisps of lavender, rosemary or fennel.”
Joe Teno and Gail Clinton, Sonoma USA


“As soon as you come towards Vagli, there is something magical about it, it looks almost organic… It melts into the countryside… There is nothing competing for your time, except deciding what absolute treasure to visit next… You cannot fail to find something interesting to do.”
Alistair and Barbara Webster, UK


“We feel as though we have bought into history… how many people can do that. It is more than money, we really see there’s more value underneath than just a business decision.”
Lawrence and Sandi Thiessen, Canada


“And when we go hiking, it’s like we go through these perfumes hills… you hear the birds and they sing all through the day… keeping the windows open, let’s the nature come to you, even when you are resting in your house.”
Harald Kobbe, Bergen Norway


“We instantly felt at home as soon as we arrived and were greeted with Stefania’s welcoming smile.”
“Another highlight for us, was Dina’s private pasta making course, and the opportunity to ‘volunteer’ in the kitchen to learn Dina’s recipes firsthand.”
David Cooper and Melisa Mech, Ottawa Canada


“To me it is the perfect combination…being in peace and being very close to nature.”
“It has something to do with feeling very very comfortable, feeling at ease and feeling welcome.”
Else Kobbe, Norway


“We feel a connection with the staff which enhances the experience about being here…”
“The kindness that staff extend you here, is like nothing we experience, it feels like family to us.”
Michael and Susan Farver, USA


“I feel very connected to Borgo di Vagli, from the very beginning when we decided to buy, I had something in my life, I had never dreamed of having.”
Rikke Bedsen, Denmark


“Dina and her daughters make the most special genuine Italian food that I have ever tasted; she cooks all of the dishes in her wood burning oven, I think that’s what makes it taste so good.”
Else Kobbe, Norway


“You sort of know when you have found a place that is close to your heart when you are torn between sharing it with family and friends and actually keeping it a secret.”
Jeremy Bilham, UK