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Ultimate Flexibility

Ultimate Flexibility, Ultimate Experiences

The Reservation Privileges for Borgo di Vagli have been designed to ensure that all Owners have equal access to the Residences within their Ownership category (one or two-bedrooms). Owners can use lodging during “Planned Vacation(s)”, and/or “Space Available Vacation(s)” and/or “Short Notice Vacation(s)”. These usage options are described below, under “Types of Vacations”. This Usage and reservation system has been enjoyed by thousands of owners at Clubs around the world for over 30 years.


The Reservation Privileges have been carefully formulated in an attempt to be fair and equitable to all Owners. Each Owner’s Planned Vacations, Space Available Vacations and/or Short Notice Vacations will be confirmed in residences within the Owner’s particular Ownership Category.


There is no limit, subject to availability, to the number of vacation days that can be reserved by owners. Vacation reservations can be linked to create longer vacations. Owners can send unaccompanied guests to lodge in a Residence at no charge except for the published housekeeping fees and incidentals charges.

Types of Vacations

Planned Vacations

Those days which Owners may reserve lodging within their particular Ownership Category and Ownership Type prior to commencement of the Resort Year and which are subject to the Rotating Priority System®. Owners are given the opportunity to reserve up to four (4) Planned Vacations, totaling twenty eight (28) Planned Vacation days each Resort Year (e.g., four (4) Planned Vacations of seven (7) days each, or one (1) Planned Vacation of fourteen (14) days and two (2) Planned Vacation of seven (7) days). A Planned Vacation can be a maximum twenty one (21) consecutive days in length.

Rotating Priority Number: at the time of purchase each owner is assigned a Reservation Priority Number, this number is used by the management to allocate Planned Vacations when demand exceeds availability.

Space Available Vacations

In addition to Planned Vacations, Owners have unlimited access to and usage of Residences on a space-available basis. Owners can occupy a Residence of their ownership category during confirmed Space Available Vacations for periods up to seven days per reservation.

Short Notice Vacations

Owners can also request a Short Notice Vacation anytime within fourteen (14) days of the scheduled arrival date for that reservation. Owners can occupy a Residence of their Ownership Category during confirmed Short Notice Vacations for periods up to seven (7) days per reservation.

Reservation Procedures

There is no limit to the number of consecutive days an Owner may lodge at Borgo di Vagli. If some Owners use the Hamlet less, other Owners can enjoy it more. All Owners have equal access to all Residences of their Ownership Category on an annual basis. The rotating Reservation Priority Numbers ensure that over the years all Owners have equal access to Residences during peak-demand periods.

Important Dates

NOV. 1st – Planned Vacation reservation request forms are mailed to Owners.

DEC. 1st – Completed Planned Vacation reservation request forms are returned to Management.

DEC. 15th – Management mails written confirmation of Planned Vacation dates. Dates available for reservation will be shown on the Owners section of the website.

JAN. 1st – Owners may begin requesting Space Available Reservations for the upcoming Club Year that begins April 1st.

MAR. 15th – Owners may begin requesting Short Notice Vacation Reservations for the upcoming Club Year that begins April 1st.

How Our Owners Use The Club

The Club is structured to meet its Owners’ many varied needs. Owners can:

  • Plan ahead for important dates.
  • Take additional vacations throughout the year.
  • Take a spur-of-the-moment getaway.
  • Extend their vacation for an additional week using a Space Available or Short Notice Vacation.
  • Use their reservation privileges to secure multiple Residences at the same time.
  • Share or give a special vacation gift to their family, friends or business associates.
  • Gather loved ones for a special family reunion.
  • Entertain friends.
  • Reward business customers or top employees.
  • Donate a vacation to their favorite charity or fund raiser.
  • Trade vacation dates internally with fellow Club Owners.
  • Exchange reservation privileges through an International Exchange Company.

Did You Know?

Once an owner purchases in a Private Residence Club their usage typically grows to more time on vacation than they would have initially envisioned. Once owners experience just how easy and enjoyable it is to vacation at the Club (pre-arrival services, owner storage facilities, daily housekeeping, full maintenance), owners simply vacation more than they ever imagined! Owners also begin to share their newfound vacation home with their family and friends.